How to Protect your Stained Glass Windows


stained-glass-wire-guardsStained glass windows never fail to make me stop for a moment to admire their beauty. However, despite the evident craftsmanship that goes into making stained glass windows, vandals continue to see them as an easy route into churches across the UK.

Vandalism of stained glass windows

The area of Southport and West Lancashire have seen 14 church break-ins in two weeks this October, with the latest occurring at St. Stephen’s church. Vandals entered the church after smashing one stained glass window dedicated to an honourable community member, leading to a need for stained glass window repairs. As stories of damage to stained glass windows such as this continue to increase, protecting your stained glass from day one is the simplest way to prevent future repairs.

Steve Sheriff stained glass specialists can prevent these arduous and costly stained glass window repairs through various protection methods that best suit your needs. So what protection can the specialists at Steve Sherriff offer you?

  • Powder-Coated Wire Guards

stained-glass-wire-guards-2Our most common and cost-effective protection method, these guards are not only perfect for protecting against vandals, but are now a must-have for churches’ stained glass windows in the eyes of insurance companies.

  • Stained Glass Panels within a Double-Glazing Unit

Whilst offering an extra level of safety and protection to the stained glass, these panels drastically reduce draught entering your church or house.

  • Secondary Glazing

This 4mm-thick, clear, toughened glass panel seamlessly fits in front of your windows, providing a visually-unnoticeable level of protection to your stained glass windows.

Find out more about protecting stained glass windows with Steve Sherriff’s window guards for stained glass protection. If it’s too late for protection and the damage has already been done, don’t worry. Steve Sherriff stained glass specialists repair stained glass too, no matter the panel size or scale of the job.

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