Life of a Stained Glass Artist


gillian-stained-glass-artistSomething as complicated as the creation of stained glass windows certainly requires a skilled craftsman or woman. Luckily for us at Steve Sherriff, we have the incredibly talented, in-house glass artist Gillian.

What does a glass artist do?

Glass artists like Gillian require plenty of patience, creativity and a fine attention to detail if they are to create their next masterpiece. The role of a stained glass artist can see them shaping, designing or restoring stained glass to make it aesthetically seamless for the stained glass door or window it will sit in. Certainly a demanding craft, glass artists must master both classic and contemporary techniques in stained glass in order to carry out the most intricate window restoration and design projects for their clients.

Gillian’s latest stained glass window project

Gillian’s most recent project has seen her create a transom stained glass window for a doorway. Using the intricate process of glass fusing, Gillian heated the glass up to 800 degrees centigrade in order to melt individual glass pieces together to form a whole piece. This often causes the glass to crack and is only known once the entire process is complete and the glass is removed from the kiln. Fortunately for Steve Sherriff, Gillian is a master of her craft and this beautiful stained glass window has been showcased in the Steve Sherriff gallery.gillian-stained-glass-artist

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