Repairing Stained Glass Windows For The Holy Rood Church in Shillingstone, Dorset

The Holy Rood Church in Shillingstone dates back to 1090 AD and is well known for its beautifully painted ceilings and lovely stained glass windows, originally made in 1888 for the extension of the church. With its Saxon relics, 13th-century font, and 15th-century gargoyles on the tower this lovely church is truly a gem.

The Brief

Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists were contacted by the Holy Rood Church and challenged with the task of the stained glass restoration for two of the badly damaged stained glass windows that suffered vandalism during the lockdown in 2020. The process involved removal and repair of the windows, as well as restoration of the stained glass and replacement of missing parts.

Stained Glass Repair

The first step of the stained glass restoration was to carefully remove the window. The entire panel had to be removed by our specialists and was taken back to our workshop for re-leading and repair of shattered panels. The removal of the stained glass windows was necessary to allow our stained glass specialists to match the broken glass with the new replacement glass, install any new glass parts and ensure the panels are stable and secure.

Our team inspected the windows and carefully carried out the stained glass repair. New parts of the stained glass windows were hand-painted and fired in our workshop glass kiln to match the original broken parts as closely as possible.

The two stained glass panels also underwent a full re-leading. All of the old lead cames were replaced with new lead which will last for 100 years. Finally, the two stained glass panels were refitted and repointed using a lime mortar mix.

The Result

The restoration and repair of the stained glass windows carried out for the Holy Rood Church was a huge success. Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists were able to restore the stained glass windows to pristine condition, reinstating their original beauty. Cracked and missing glass panels were replaced whilst maintaining the authenticity of the original work. The re-leading process also reinforced the overall strength and stability of the stained glass windows making sure the windows will last another lifetime.

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