We have taught bespoke lead window and leaded light courses for a number of years for the Local Authority Adult Education and now offer private tuition.

Please get in touch with Steve Sherriff to book a bespoke stained glass or leaded window course.

From the beginner to the advanced, we can offer you a bespoke leaded window course structured to your needs. We also structure the lead window course ‘just for you’ – tell us what you want to learn (i.e what you want to achieve) and we will structure the course to suit your needs.

We also run courses in Tiffany style and use of the kiln. All our courses are bespoke and designed to teach you what you want and need. Because of our structured learning modules, you could learn as much in one day as you would in 10 weeks of a traditional adult education course and there are no additional costs with our courses or examination fees.

If you want more than a one day course and do not want to travel then we can arrange Bed and Breakfast accommodation locally.