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Stained Glass Windows in the News in 2017

Discover the most notable news in 2017 surrounding stained glass windows, restoration and repair, including fascinating restoration projects and historic discoveries:

A decade-long stained glass window restoration project finally completes

The final piece of a 600-year old stained glass window was returned at the turn of the new year; a project which has taken over a decade to complete. A total of 311 panels were removed from York Minster, making it the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the country. The stained glass windows were originally made and finished in 1408, and more than 600 years later the stained glass restoration project is complete, costing £11.5 million!


2. Vast treasures discovered in Westminster Abbey

Archaeologists were clearing space in Westminster Abbey attics when they stumbled upon 30,000 stained glass window shards. These fragments ranged from shrapnel up to plate sized pieces, including flowers, mythical animals and faces on artwork dating back to the 13th century. A pretty lucky find considering what started out as a house clearance turned into a treasure excavation.

Credit: The Guardian

3. Manor hotel oozes classy interior design

The Laura Ashley hotel in Elstree, Hertfordshire, was praised for intricate attention to detail. The wooden sections of the lobby fireplace are sourced from boats involved in the battle of the Spanish Armada, a famous historic event! Other handcrafted wood features such as stair rails feature throughout the building, whilst stunning views of the prestigious grounds can be viewed from some of the room windows. Stained glass window features are dotted throughout the building, sitting on grounds that date back to 1540. Laura Ashley furnishings feature throughout the hotel, making its beautifully decorated interior match the historically rich exterior.

Credit: The Mirror



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