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Stone Window Repair

We can attend to all the stone window sills, surrounds and frame issues that arise and provide long term solution to give you peace of mind with our restoration and conservation techniques.

Do You Need Stone Window Repair?

Stone over time can fracture and split. This is often caused by ferrous metal within the stone or if the stone has been unable to ‘breathe’ then it can simply rot and become very friable (crumbly). Sometimes these defects can be stabilised but often will require new stone either patched in or a complete replacement.

External steel strengthening bars and metal window frames encased in stone sills and surrounds that have their ends secured in stonework can rust. This expands in the holes, causing the stone to split apart from the pressure of expansion.

Portland cement pointing is also a cause for concern and can cause extreme weathering of the stone and accelerate its deterioration.

Our Stone Window Repair Techniques

Our stone window sill, surround and frame repair involves pointing with a lime mortar and a suitable aggregate to match your stonework.

If conservation of the window is required, we remove the bars from the stonework for refurbishment and will either weld new stainless-steel tips or dip the ends in lead to provide a protective barrier between the bar and the stone. As an alternative, we can supply new lead-covered steel, stainless steel or phosphor bronze.

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