Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists offer uPVC window frames and repair services for leaded and stained glass windows. Get in touch for a consultation or send us your specifications today.

Upgrading to uPVC Window Frames

Most modern homes, churches and office buildings have uPVC double glazed windows. We can make a stained glass and leaded window, or take your original windows, restore them and then encapsulate within a uPVC window frame, so that you can take advantage of the texture and colour of real stained and leaded glass without compromising on your insulation.

We offer double or triple glazing, which have a thermally efficient inner pane of glass so heat isn’t lost through the window.

We can fit encapsulated panels to existing uPVC window frames or supply and fit a brand-new uPVC window frames or powder coated aluminium frames. We are happy to coordinate with your chosen window frame supplier and provide the glass elements ready to be fitted to the frames, or supply and fit them ourselves.

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View our gallery of uPVC window frames and repairs below.