Wooden Sash Window Repair & Restoration – Charlbury Methodist Church

The Brief

Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists stained glass specialists and window restoration company were tasked with a window restoration project at Charlbury Methodist Church. Window restoration can completely transform and extend the life of windows by up to 100 years, giving any property or building a brand-new look. Built in 1844, the wooden sash windows at Charlbury Methodist Church were 175 years old and were in need of a complete repair and restore.

Getting to Work

Our team got straight to work and put their experience into practice at the church in Charlbury. Due to the extent of the damage, we completely removed all fifteen sash windows and took them back to our workshop in Dorset for wooden window frame repair and restoration. Once back at our workshop, we took apart each wooden window frame and rebuilt them using as much of the original wood as possible. This helped to preserve the original beauty of the property whilst improving its durability. Once each frame had been restored, we returned to the church to refit each frame back into place.

The Result

The wooden sash windows at Charlbury Methodist Church are now ready to last another 100 years, with improved durability, security and aesthetic appeal.

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