Refurbished Crittall Frames

Bespoke metal window frames by Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists, including fixed and opening metal casements to suit the aesthetics of your building. Specialising in restoring existing metal window frames of any age or condition. Simply send us your photos of your metal window frames for a fast and free quotation.

Metal Window Repairs & Renovations

At Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists we specialise in refurbishing the metalwork connected with windows. Often the original metal frame can be restored and thus save the expense of getting new metal replacement windows custom-made. We use metal-coating paints that are specially designed to provide long-term protection from rust and weathering.

Any missing handles are made and fitted and often any existing and original handles will have become loose, so we tighten these up in the refurbishing process.  Stays are restored or replaced if missing.  We also make sure that moving parts are in good working order.

The metal work is shot blasted back to sound metal and once any repairs have been completed they are powder coated with a zinc rich primer and a powder top coat to match the existing colour or any RAL colour specified.  These powder coatings are hot baked on to provide a hard-durable finish for years to come.

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View our gallery of metal window frames, repair and renovations below.