Steve Sherriff Joins the Guild of Master Craftsmen

We are very excited to announce that stained glass specialists, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists have recently joined The Guild of Master Craftsmen, the UK’s most established trade association. Allow us to explain what the Guild is and what it means for us as a business, and you as a customer.

What is the Guild of Master Craftsman?

The Guild of Master Craftsmen represents craftsmen from over 400 different crafts, trades, and professions. Members of the Guild all share a willingness to strive for perfection in their work as quality is a major factor of what it means to be master craftsmen. If Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists have provided you with stained glass windows in the past, you may be aware that we have always strived to work to the highest level of quality possible, and so we welcome the new expectations that come from joining the Guild.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen logo

The application process

All craftsmen that apply to join the Guild are assessed thoroughly before they earn the right to be called Master Craftsmen. The business has to display high standards of both workmanship and customer service in order to join, two things that we value greatly in our services. Once a part of the Guild, members must uphold the aims and objectives of the guild.

What it means

Being a part of The Guild of Master Craftsmen is not simply about bragging rights, but it will be able to aid customers in finding us in the future. Not only this, but we will have the right to display the Guild’s emblem, showing customers our dedication to achieving high levels of quality in our services. We are proud to be welcomed into the Guild, but more importantly you as a customer now have one more reason to trust in our services.

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