Lead Window Restoration

Well-maintained Leaded Light Windows Can Last For Centuries

Leaded windows will often develop loose or rattling glass, cracked solder joints and very fragile lead cames. This is a strong indication that age has taken its toll and it may be time to restore the leaded windows. The main aim of this is to reduce the risk of further deterioration.

We provide a leaded light restoration that will reinstate the window and give your leaded windows over 100 years of life.

How We Restore Leaded Windows

We remove the lead windows and replace them with temporary glazing. Ensuring your property is secure during the process is of utmost importance to us. The leaded windows return to the workshop for our experts to begin the window restoration process.

Our experts categorise the glass and remove the old lead. Each piece of glass is then cleaned before re-building the window, cutting, and soldering new lead cames to the original pattern. This is all carried out by hand.

We have an extensive in-house glass collection. This enables us to perform leaded window repairs and restoration with accuracy and precision. We match any cracked or missing panes using our vast collection of glass.

The restored lead window undergoes a leadlight cementing process. This aspect of our leaded light restoration process waterproofs and protects the window. The result of this process ensures another 100 years of life.

Lead windows are often wire tied to saddle bars to add extra stability. The saddle bars are often replaced with lead-covered mild steel, stainless steel, or phosphor bronze. This provides a zero-maintenance option for long-term benefits. Original saddle bars may be causing damage that increases the need for leaded window restoration.

Who Do We Restore Leaded Windows For

Our customers range from Grade I listed manor houses to modest Victorian semi-detached properties. Whomever the customer is, we strive to complete leaded window repairs and restorations to the highest quality.

We work directly with homeowners or property management companies. This is to ensure period leaded window restorations are to the customers’ satisfaction.

If you’re interested in leaded window restoration, contact us at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. Our team of experts have years of experience in leaded light restoration. Get in touch by emailing info@lead-windows.co.uk or give us a call on 01202 882208.

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