Stained Glass Insitu Repairs

Stained Glass Repair

Broken stained glass windows can ruin the panel’s entire visual aesthetics and illusion. Depending on the level of damage sustained, it can be possible for a repair to be undertaken insitu. We carry out insitu repairs if the lead work remains in good condition. Insitu stained glass repairs are often popular for small cracks and breaks.

How we carry out an insitu repair

The process for the repair often sounds simple. However, it takes skill to carry out the repair without causing further damage to both the lead and glass.

The broken glass is cautiously removed from the lead cames. The lead cames are then folded away to allow for the newly cut piece of glass to line up into place. The lead cames are now folded back against the glass.This allows the new leadlight cement to be carefully placed between the glass and lead cames, which ensures the insitu repair is watertight and firmly held.

Insitu Repairs for Painted Stained Glass

Painted stained glass window repairs require further processes to the standard insitu repair. One of our skilled team will visit to take a template of the broken piece of glass. The design and template are returned to our workshop where we will paint the glass and fire it in the kiln. Once this is complete,we then return to fit the painted stained glass.

Scheduled Insitu Repairs

Large projects can often be a mixture of removal and insitu repairs. Insitu repairs are a favoured option for schools with either leaded lights or stained glass.

We offer a range of contracts that allow for monthly, quarterly, or annual inspections where insitu stained glass repairs are undertaken.

If you’re in need of a stained glass window repair, contact us at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. Our team of experts are happy to help with any question or queries. Get in touch by emailing or give us a call on 01202 882208.

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