New Lead Windows

Lead Windows, Otherwise Known As Leaded Glass Or Leaded Lights

We have mastered traditional techniques used to make high-quality, long-lasting leaded light windows. We use traditional materials to recreate a truly classic leaded glass design.

How We Manufacture New Leaded Windows

All our windows are handmade by piecing panes of glass together supported by a lead came. This acts as the backbone of the leaded glass panel.

Leaded windows make use of quarries. These are pieces of glass that are then cut into regular geometric shapes.  They are sometimes square, rectangular, or circular. One of our most popular designs is the diamond shape, to create a"diaper" pattern. Our method of manufacturing allows us to create an array of leaded glass designs.

We use tinned copper wire ties on our leaded windows to prevent any green staining which can occur due to age. Each leaded glass design goes through a lead light cementing process. This ensures the window is waterproof and firm for 100 years.

New Builds, Extensions, And Conservation Areas

New leaded light windows are a popular choice for customers adding extensions to their period properties or for new builds. It is a great way for those wishing to add character to their existing property. The windows are handmade using traditional techniques and meet all conservation criteria. This is why our new leaded windows can be used for buildings in conservation areas.

If you’re interested in new leaded windows, contact us at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. Our team of experts have years of experience in manufacturing leaded glass designs. Get in touch by emailing or give us a call on 01202 882208.

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