Stained Glass Window Designs by DeviantArtists

September 15, 2015

Stained glass windows can captivate, enthral and stimulate the viewer due to the limitless amount of designs a craftsman can achieve. Often, people associate stained glass with religious architecture and period houses but it can be used as an architectural decoration in any home that reflects the personality of the owner. Stained glass windows combine art with light, enabling the light to sparkle through the window and reflect beautiful shapes and colours around the room.

DeviantArt is the biggest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts with over 35 million members of emerging and established artists that exhibit, promote and share their work with the art community. Stained glass window art is a popular thread on DeviantArt, and we’ve picked some of our favourites to share with you.

Clone Trooper Stained Glass Window

This stained glass window depicts a Clone Trooper from the Star Wars series. Created by user AidanT, the window used lead for the large parts and a smaller sized foil for the finer areas, as lead has a protruding lip on both sides, which makes the finer pieces harder to see. The artist has also created other stained glass windows in tribute to Star Trek, Kirk and Obama, and showcasing how stained glass windows can be used effectively for modern designs.


Japanese Elements Glass Panel

Stained glass artist Cindy Crowell styled the elements of her stained glass window in a traditional Japanese sumi-e (unk brush). She painted the stained glass in layers and kiln fired it each time, and then shaded the colours using a subtractive technique where she covered the whole area with a thin coat and scraped away the highlights.


Ring of Fire Lamp

This beautiful stained glass lamp was made by user Figureheadglass and based on the lines of the earth made by the lava, volcanoes and earthquakes in Nicaragua. The cliffs along the coast are known as the Ring of Fire and ripple in their layers. Figureheadglass used transparent, opaque and translucent glasses in red and yellow with jewels are the top and bottom of the shade and a copper patina on the lead lines. The stained glass lamp took 5 years to make!


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