Stained Glass Conservation

Stained Glass Conservation  

Whether your stained glass windows are in a Grade I or II listed building, or an unlisted building, our stained glass specialists can restore all windows. We aim to bring them back to their former glory and give them a new lease on life. Over time, stained glass windows may lose their quality of colour and appearance due to weathering, decay or dirt. The lead joints supporting the stained glass can deteriorate, crack, and bow over time, leaving a window in need of restoration.

How we restore stained glass windows

The process begins by removing the window and returning it to our workshop. Here, we categorise the glass and remove the old lead.

We then carefully clean each piece of stained glass before re-building the window. This involves cutting and soldering new lead cames to the original pattern.

We can match any cracked or missing panes of glass using our extensive in-house stock range. We can also hand paint and fire broken or missing painted stained-glass pieces.

The re-leaded stained glass panel undergoes a leadlight cementing process. The process is essential in waterproofing and protecting the window to ensure another 100 years of life. This is undertaken for every restored window that leaves our workshops.

Our stained glass window restoration clients include listed buildings, private owners and churches.

We regularly work alongside conservation officers, architects, and project management companies. We use our conservation knowledge to ensure that windows are correctly repaired and restored.

Stained glass windows are found in a vast range of buildings from local parish churches to historic castles. Our team have undergone sufficient training and work in a variety of environments. We have been able to produce conservation-grade double glazing across a range of projects.

Our team have all completed CSCS training and we regularly review the training needs to ensure our team can work on any project.

The process of restoring stained glass windows requires delicate attention and skill

All of our stained glass windows, panels and doors make use of traditional techniques for manufacturing. They are not of the plastic film variety and stick-on lead that double-glazing companies tend to use.

Our stained glass panels can often use a combination of stained, coloured and clear glass with varying textures for their design.

If you’re in need of stained glass conservation, contact us at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists today. You can get in touch with us by emailing or giving us a call on 01202 882208. Our team of experts are happy to help.

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