Metal Window Frames, Repair & Restoration

Experts in restoring original Metal Window Frames

Metal window frames go hand in hand with stained and leaded glass windows, over the years we have worked on all types of metal window frames from medieval wrought iron to the more common steel section window frames often found in listed buildings today.

Metal Window Restoration

We have a dedicated in-house workshop for restoring original metal window frames which can handle a vast quantity of frames at any one time.

We specialise in onsite removal of metal frames, transporting them back to our workshops in Dorset where they are individually bead blasted back to sound metal.

Repairs are then carried out by our skilled metal smiths before each frame is coated in a Zinc rich primer and finished in any RAL colour in our specialist paint ovens. This process ensures a low to no maintenance period of over 60 years.

We then return to refit each restored metal window to its rightful place using traditional materials and techniques.

We use metal-coating paints that are specially designed to provide long-term protection from rust and weathering.

Any missing handles are made and fitted and often any existing and original handles will have become loose, so we tighten these up in the refurbishing process.  Stays are restored or replaced if missing. We also make sure that moving parts are in good working order.

Years of over painting can cause build up in key parts of an opening metal window frame which in turn adds pressure to the hinges, handles and stays, leaving a poorly closing and often draughty metal window frame. Rust can often build up in the sides of a steel window frame which in turn can affect the surrounding fabric often stone or brick work.

Restoration instead of Replacement

Restoration is often a favoured option as the older metal used from years gone by is a purer form of steel; unlike the modern equivalents which are mixed with cheaper materials. Newer metals are not guaranteed to last as long as older metals when restored correctly.

Modern methods of metal window production often do not allow for aesthetically pleasing sight lines introducing a thicker boundary of steel to a window opening.

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