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Stained Glass doors offer both privacy and colourful light. They are often an integral part of the aesthetics of a building. Doors are regularly subject to external damages which in turn require restoration and repairs.

The stained glass door restoration process

Our skilled team removed the damaged stained glass door panel with care. We then fit temporary glazing ensuring that your door is safe and secure. The door panel goes to our workshop where we categorise the glass and remove the old lead.

We then carefully clean each piece of stained glass before re-building the door panel. This stage involves cutting, and soldering new lead cames to the original pattern.

For all cracked or missing panes of glass, we match from our extensive glass collection that we stock in-house.

The new leaded stained glass door panel undergoes a leadlight cementing process. This waterproofs and protects the panel to ensure another 100 years of life for every restored stained glass door panel that leaves our workshops.

Internal and external doors often see the most damage due to their constant use.

Stained Glass Doors offer a colourful welcome to homes which is why maintenance and restoration are critical to ensure longevity.

Some homeowners wish to ensure their stained glass door has extra security and life. For this, we can offer an encapsulation option. This allows for the original stained glass door panel to be glazed within a double-glazed unit, thus making it triple glazing. This can help reduce draught issues as well as protecting the original stained glass door panel from future damage.

Stained glass door restoration requires delicate attention and skill

All our stained glass doors use traditional techniques during the manufacturing process. They are not to be mistaken with the plastic film variety and stick-on lead. This technique is often used by double-glazing companies and incorrectly labelled as stained glass.

Stained glass doors use a combination of stained, coloured, and clear glass with varying textures to enhance the overall aesthetic.

If you’re in need of stained glass door restoration, contact us at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. You can reach us by emailing or giving us a call on 01202 882208.

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