Wooden Window Frames, Repair & Replacements

Traditional Wooden Windows

Our skilled craftsmen can make custom wooden windows to match your homes aesthetics and insulation needs. Our wooden windows are all hand crafted and we only use sustainably sourced materials using traditional techniques.

Wooden Window Frame Repair

Wooden frames usually rot at the point where the mullion joins the sill. Mullions are the vertical element that forms the division between windows. They can be used decoratively or to provide structural support. Its horizontal counterpart is called a transom. Transoms and mullions are susceptible to rot where they join at the sill. These can often be repaired without the need to purchase or create an entirely new wooden window frame.

Often it is the glazing (leaded window or single piece of glass) that allows water to damage which subsequently rots the frame. Condensation is a major cause of this form of damage.

Traditional wooden windows can often be easily and economically repaired, often at a cost significantly less than replacement. This is due to the fact that wood typically used pre 1919 was of a higher quality and durability.

Whilst rotten wood window frame repair can be executed, this is only feasible if the frame is still structurally sound. Often the rot will have destroyed the joint where the mullion joins the sill. Trying to patch this up is time consuming, labour intensive and usually only a stop gap.

Replacement Wooden Windows

We provide entire wood replacement windows, so it matches the original frame completely. This is usually the most cost-effective option and we use ‘sustainable’ wood that is guaranteed not to rot for 60 years and will only need repainting every 10 years.

We also provide wood replacement windows for listed buildings. Often permissions are not required as it is classed as repair and maintenance, like for like, which the listing authorities encourage to preserve the building.

Glazing Timber Windows

Re-glazing windows after repair. Whether the frame is metal or timber, the approach to re-glazing is very similar. The rebate is cleaned, and a thin coat of primer applied, before new linseed-oil putty is applied to the wood windows. The glass pane can then be pressed into place and fastened with fixings that replicate traditional methods.

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