Woodbury House Leaded Window Restoration Case Study

May 19, 2017
Woodbury House Leaded Window Restoration Case Study

The House

Woodbury House is a stunning Grade two listed Manor House in Longparish, Hampshire. Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists stained glass specialists were asked to refurbished its unique oval metal opening frames and conduct a leaded window restoration matching the original design.

Leaded Window Restoration

Firstly, the oval opening window frames were catalogued removed, de-glazed and repaired before we applied a zinc rich primer and satin white powder coat. When conducting the leaded window restoration, there was the issue of each window being a slightly different oval shape, so we knew we had to be as accurate as possible. As leaded glass specialists, we used great care to calculated the size of each window prior to the re-leading and cementing process.

The next step was fitting each oval leaded window into its own refurbished metal casement. We then completed the most important stage of a leaded window restoration project, which is to ensure that the lead lines properly matched with the fixed leaded windows. This was integral to the success of the project. Nathan and the team confidently worked to accomplish the task within the given time frames.


The Result

With the refurbishment and new leaded windows now complete, we and the client along with the main contractor could not be more pleased with its outcome. Looking at Woodbury House now, we feel our hard work was truly worth it. Do you have a similar leaded window restoration or refurbishment project in mind? Let the light into your house through the beauty of stained and leaded glass windows by contacting Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists today on 01202 882208.

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