The Unexpected Closure & Relaunch of a Major Stained Glass Supplier

September 29, 2016

At Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists, our main focus and passion is stained glass. We were disappointed to hear that Spectrum Glass Company, a reputable major glass supplier in Washington State, USA had closed due to financial reasons in May 2016.From stained glass, warm glass and hot glass to clear architectural textures for windows and cabinetry, Spectrum Glass Company were an essential supplier to many manufacturers around the world such as ourselves. With such a large product offering, they made many beautiful creations possible.

Craig Barker, CEO of Spectrum Glass Company, announced ‘…Please know that our primary concern is to help ease this difficult transition for you and all the people we’ve been proud to work with and serve. We are exploring opportunities to transfer our product lines to other manufacturers to help minimize disruptions in sourcing.’

Stained glass restoration and conservation would have been affected, with many stained glass specialists struggling to match the materials. Fortunately, on September 22, the company made another announcement that they have sold the business to Oceanside Glasstile in California.

Another statement was released about the sale; ‘We have finalized the sale of Spectrum® Glass and our System 96® brands, equipment, and formulas to world-renowned glass manufacturer Oceanside Glasstile (OGT) in Carlsbad, CA. A long-time Spectrum customer, Oceanside Glasstile manufactures high-end cast glass tile for residential, commercial and pool applications…. As an industry-leading glass tile manufacturer, Oceanside Glasstile is already experienced in colored glass production. With the acquisition of Spectrum Glass’ equipment and color formulas, as well as receiving extensive in-person training by Spectrum’s key manufacturing experts, Oceanside Glasstile will have the knowledge and tools necessary to continue the legacy of unique and popular Spectrum sheet glass that customers have relied upon for forty years. Spectrum Glass products will now be manufactured at OGT’s state-of-the-art facility located in Tijuana, Mexico.’


By manufacturing outside of the United States, Spectrum Glass Company are able to continue their stained glass production and allow specialists to continue restoring historical stained glass windows.

As a family run company, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists takes care in the work that we undertake and are passionate in the art and culture of stained glass. To find out more about our stained glass windows, window restoration and repair, contact us by calling 01202 882208 or email

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