David Hockney to Design Queen's Stained Glass Window

December 22, 2016

Being a famous artist certainly has its perks. This is certainly the case for renowned artist David Hockney who has recently been given the honour of designing a stained glass window to celebrate the Queen’s reign. The masterpiece, which will be named The Queen’s Window, will be displayed in Westminster Abbey and will stand at 20ft tall in the abbey’s north transept.

Why is the stained glass window being made?

With 2016 seeing Elizabeth II celebrate her 90 birthday and her role as Britain’s longest reigning monarch, it only seemed right to showcase such a reign with an artistic masterpiece in the UK’s most beautiful building. The stained glass window is set by installed by June 2018 to coincide with the opening of the Queen’s Jubilee Gallery in the abbey and will undoubtedly be one of Hockney’s more prestigious projects to date.

Why was David Hockney chosen?

Not a stained glass specialist by trade, Hockey has been one of the world’s greatest contemporary painters since the 1960s. His career has seen him expand his talents into photography, printmaking, and stage design, with all of this undoubtedly making him the best person to design what is set to be one of the UK’s most stunning stained glass windows.

What will Hockney design for the stained glass window?

Westminster spokesperson has granted Hockney “free reign” over his design decisions due to the artist’s status and wealth of expertise. However, the artist will be steered in the right direction by abbey officials. As a leader in British pop art, it’s certain this stained glass window will catch the eye of those inside the abbey.

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