Interesting Facts about Stained Glass Windows: Part 1

October 27, 2017
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Stained glass windows have transcended through time as a popular and respected work of art. We delve into the many interesting stained glass window facts, including how stained glass is made and recent announcements in 2017.  Our next blog, part 2: facts on stained glass windows in churches, covers the many intriguing histories and details of the craft in churches, and Part 3 of our series delves into the history of stained glass and medieval stained glass windows. Read on for general stained glass window facts:

Stained Glass Window Facts

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  • The glass of stained glass windows is made by combining silica, an alkali and lead oxide. To stain it, metallic oxide and raw materials are applied. Copper oxide is used to produce ruby and green colours, cobalt for blue, chromium and iron oxide for green, and cadmium sulphide, uranium and vermilions for golden.
  • Ohio loves stained glass windows, with at least 100 stained glass studios in the state alone. The Stained Glass Association of America encompasses 500 studio owners and 300 manufacturers.
  • All 128 stained glass windows in York Minster, a cathedral that holds the largest collection of medieval stained glass in the country, are regularly maintained and conserved by a single trust, which recently sought for £11 million towards the cost of specialist protective glazing.
  • There are strict criteria for being depicted in stained glass windows; church judges refer to a judgement made in 1981 which says the person must be exceptional because of their outstanding service to the Church, country or to mankind.
  • Players of the popular game Minecraft received an update in September 2017 that features stained glass windows.
  • Maggie West, an LA based photographer, created a ceiling of stained glass depicting nude women to emphasize their sexuality.
  • On September 6, 2017 it was announced that two stained glass windows honouring Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson at the Washington National Cathedral will be removed immediately.
  • A church that’s spent over £90 million on renovations in Leawood, Kansas is now home to the world’s largest stained glass window. It required 160 panes of glass and depicts biblical scenes from Genesis to Revelations.

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