Learn how to craft Stained Glass and Leaded Windows

October 22, 2013

The designs and imagery of stained glass and lead windows have always been visually appealing as a result of their alluring combination of light and colour. If you share an interest in this archaic art form and would like to try your hand, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists offers varying leaded window and stained glass courses.

Using our extensive experience in the field, we’ve been able to teach our craftsmanship for the Local Authority Adult Education initiative for a number of years. We are now offering private lessons to anyone in the UK who wishes to learn about designing, cutting and piecing together leaded or stained glass windows.

Lead Window Triple Glazing
Learn how to create your own leaded lights and stained glass windows.

Whether you’re already skilled in the craft or a beginner, we can provide courses tailored to your own specifications to ensure you get exactly what you what from the experience. Through bespoke learning modules structured around your own objectives, we offer a creative and insightful day of learning.

The initial part of the day consists of designing your panel, approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper. If you already have any ideas of an image or pattern you want to create, you are welcome to bring them to the lesson. You will then learn to cut the glass to fit your design, before being taught how to piece together the panel by leading and then soldering the joints. Once you’ve completed your panel, you are free to take it home as a testament to your newly learned artistry to use as a decoration or gift.

If you would like courses longer than one day and do not wish to travel, we can arrange Bed and Breakfast accommodation nearby.

To find out more about our courses in leaded lights and Stained Glass Windows in Dorset, contact Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists on 01202 882208, or email us at info@lead-windows.co.uk.

Author: Nathan Sherriff

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