Modern Stained Glass Windows

February 25, 2014

Coloured glass windows are often associated solely with traditional designs due to their rich heritage and relationship with the church. However, a well-crafted, professional freshly designed stained glass or coloured glass window can look stunning in a contemporary home. Here are a few modern coloured glass designs that would look great as a piece in your modern home:

Modern Stained Glass Windows

The simple trailing lines of this coloured glass window is neutral enough to stand next to transparent windows in the lounge of a new-build home. The eye-catching orange accents within the window also complement the room’s use of red. These free and flowing lines are a great contrast to the traditional floral patterns or straight lined designs you often see.

Modern Stained Glass Designs

These brightly coloured stained glass windows throw brilliant blues and reds into the living room, bringing it to life. The innovative flower design separates this original piece of work from traditional floral patterns. The artistic coloured flowers also offer some privacy to the room, proving suitable for a study or office environment that could benefit from opaque glass.

Modern Stained Glass

A piece from the 1960s, this modern design can be found in the Sanderson Hotel, London. It is regularly repaired and maintained by Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists to keep the stained glass windows glistening. The abstract design is very much apart from the traditional designs associated with stained glass windows using a variety of shapes and sizes with powerful colours. Whilst we can craft, maintain and restore traditional and existing stained glass windows, the specialist stained glass team is also able to piece together your own modern designs. Call us on 01202 882208 or use our contact form to discuss your project with us.

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