Modern Stained Glass in Churches

November 2, 2015

Stained glass windows have been a prominent focal point of churches and other significant buildings for over a thousand years. They were used in Christian Churches in the 4 and 5 centuries, where the windows were filled with alabaster set into a wooden frame.

Stained glass became a major pictorial in the Middle Ages to illustrate the bible and transformed through the years until it was hit by the Gothic movement in the 20 century when newer styles took over. It was revived in the middle of the century due to the appeal of restoring windows after World War II bombings. Many notable artists helped to re-instate stained glass windows and combined with the slab glass innovation, a greater diversity of pattern and colour was created.

View some of these beautiful examples of modern stained glass art in churches around the world:

La Sagrada Familia, Spain

La Sagrada Familia is a large Roman catholic church in Barcelona designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Painter and glassmaker Joan Vila I Grau is the artist behind producing the church’s stained glass windows and sets the glass in lead strips in order to play with shape and rhythm. Joan follows the guidelines of Gaudi who designed the stained glass windows to be arranged in order to achieve a masterpiece of beautiful light and colour.


Gloucester Cathedral, UK

Christopher Whall re-glazed most of the Lady Chapel with a story of the life of the Virgin Mary in vibrant stained glass. They are considered to be the finest stained glass windows in England.


Cathedral of Maringá, Brazil

The Cathedral of Maringá is the tallest church in South America, made up of two cones and opened in May 1972. The triangular sections are entirely formed from stained glass and look especially spectacular when lit up at night.


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