More Stained Glass from Around the World

July 10, 2015

Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists are stained glass specialists and what better way to celebrate the craft than to highlight the most beautiful stained glass in the world. Here are three more stunning pieces of stained glass art that will take your breath away!

Le Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France


Started in 1242 and completed 6 years later, this stunning Chapel in the North of France is a stained glass wonder and considered a great accomplishment of the Rayonnant period of Gothic Architecture. The fifteen enormous mid 13 century windows encompass the nave and apse, and a large rose window of gothic influence embraces the western wall.

Its stained glass is acclaimed as the finest in the world, illustrating the New Testament, Scenes of The Passion with the Infancy of Christ, the Life of John the Evangelist. Each stained glass window tells an ancient story, and makes it easy for visitors to lose themselves in the midst of colour and old tales.

St Nicolaaskerk Church, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The Basilica of Saint Nicholas is Amsterdam’s primary Catholic church and a mix of the revival styles Neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance, designed by architect Adrianus Bleijs. Completed in 1887, the complex combination of shapes, colours and dimensions create an amazing display that diverts the eye across the church. The warmth of the colours of the stained glass windows is soothing, creating an atmosphere of calm and holiness. The stained glass compliments the embellished dome with divine light.

Christian Science Mapparium, Massachusetts


The Mary Baker Eddy library is home to the stunning three-story stained glass globe, which cost $35,000 and 3 years to make. The idea for the globe derives from the architect Chester Lindsay Churchill. He visited the headquarters of the New York Daily news and fell in love with a twelve-foot globe in the foyer.

Upon its first draft, the stained glass panels were to be changeable as the political borders of the world transformed. However, because the stained glass globe made such a mark in the history of art, in 1960 it was decided that the Mapparium was priceless and never to be changed. It has since been renovated, a lighting system installed and a sound system to eliminate the Mapparium’s unique acoustics.

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