Most Famous Stained Glass Windows In The World

August 3, 2022

Stained glass windows in all spaces and buildings create a unique dispersion of light and design elements which make them a great talking point and leave a lasting memory. Many stained glass panels take inspiration from famous buildings from around the world because of their iconic colour palettes and the narratives they showcase. The most famous stained glass windows are often huge in scale and take years to create. We have picked a few of our favourite window designs from across the world that tell different stories and come from various time periods.


This cathedral in Paris features some jaw-dropping stained glass designs. With no less than fifteen 50-foot stained glass windows, the colour and design of the Sainte-Chappelle windows are unforgettable. What makes this even more astonishing is that each one showcases different scenes from the old testament, in total there are 1,113 scenes to see! The chapel was built in the 13th century and was originally designed to house precious relics but its stained glass panels, including a famous rose window, have made it into a historic tourist destination that is visited by people from all around the world.  

King’s College Chapel

Accompanying the beautiful Gothic architecture of this 16th-century building are some of the grandest narrative stained glass window designs in the world. King’s College Chapel not only showcases stunning stained glass panels but the whole building is set off by stunning fan vaulting and a Baroque painting by Peter Paul Rubens. Situated in the historic University of Cambridge, these stained glass windows perfectly illustrate the artistic features of England’s late Gothic period.


The Nasir-al-Mulk mosque in Shiraz, Iran features intricate stained glass windows that disperse light across the building. It’s thought to have been built between 1876 and 1888 and is known as the ‘Pink Mosque’ locally because of how the sunlight through the stained glass panels illuminates the rose tiles inside. The vivid interiors of the Nasir-al-Mulk, including Persian carpets, all work in cohesion to create a breath-taking space.  

Palau De La Música Catalana

Not only does this beautiful stained glass window use jewel tones to let in lots of natural light, but it also uses a unique shape that comes down from the ceiling. The Palau De La Música Catalana is an extravagant concert hall in Barcelona that uses luxurious décor in every aspect of the main auditorium. It is the only concert hall in Europe that doesn’t require artificial light during daytime concerts because the sheer scale of the skylight lets in enough sunlight to fill the room. The beautiful stained glass design is representative of the sun and sky, hence the array of blues and yellows used throughout. Built between 1905 and 1908, it welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.  

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