Stained Glass Around the World

January 12, 2015

Novoslobodskaya Metro Station, Moscow. Russia


Opened in 1952, this Russian metro station was designed by Soviet architect Alexey Dushkin. It features 32 exquisite stained glass panels designed by eminent Russian painter and art restorer Pavel Korin. It was a bold move for the two as stained glass at that time was considered too closely connected to the Roman Catholic Church, which was considered an enemy by the establishment. An elaborate brass border, set into one of the station’s pylons and illuminated from behind, surrounds each stained glass window panel.

Thanks-Giving Square, Dallas, Texas


Thanks-Giving Square is a three-acre inner-city park, museum and chapel designed to provide a calm respite for professionals and residents of Dallas alike. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect Philip Johnson, the chapel features a roof that spirals and holds 73 stained glass window panels designed by French artist Gabriel Loire. The museum features a wide compilation of historical documents related to American Thanksgiving. The Square is managed and funded by a foundation and will be celebrating its 40 anniversary in 2016.

St Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican

Copyright Lisa Johnston/aeturnus design

Featuring one of the most iconic symbols in Christianity, this stained glass window made from yellow alabaster can be found above the altar of the “Chair of St. Peter” (Cathedra Petri), which was designed by Bernini in St. Peter’s Basilica. It shows the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove and is suspended in flight above the four “Doctors of the Church”: St Ambrose & St Augustine of Hippo for the Latin Church and St. John Chrysostom and St Athanasius for the Greek Church.

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