Stained Glass Art, Objects & Sculptures

April 11, 2014

Stained glass windows are not the only application for the beautifully archaic art form. Stained glass is also used outside of architecture. Autonomous stained glass refers to pieces of stained glass formed independent of structural windows such as objects, artworks, sculptures or other non-traditional uses. Take a look at these examples of stained glass being used beyond windows.

Stained Glass Objects

The Lycurgus Cup. Source:

One of the earliest documented uses of stained glass was for decorating objects in a show of wealth or prosperity as a luxury material. The Egyptians and the Romans have both been recognized as very early adopters of stained or coloured glass for objects.

For example, the Lycurgus cup is one of the earliest uses of coloured glass, created in the 4th century in the late Roman period. Stained glass is still occasionally used today for decorative objects such as vases or jewellery. 

Stained Glass Art

St Pancras Stained Glass Art. Source: BBC News

Stained glass can also be used for art! Stained glass has always had a relationship with art because of the uniqueness and originality of the final product.

The use of stained glass for art is still very much alive. Recently, a giant stained glass art piece was unveiled at St. Pancras station in London in April 2014. The work of art was designed as a distraction from the hectic and bustling area of Camden. The designer defined the work as a piece that allowed for ‘reflection’.


Stained Glass Sculptures

Jay Gubitz Sculpture. Source:

 Akin to art, stained glass has been used in the last few years for its light trickery and visual beauty to create three-dimensional sculptures. As methods of creating stained class have progressed and developed, so too have the possibilities of its application.

An artist that has become particularly prominent in the last few years, as a result of some incredibly intricate and complex stained glass sculptures, is Jay Gubitz. Often inspired by nature, Jay Gubitz has been recognized for pieces that push the boundaries of stained glass, often combining both 2D and 3D works of art. 


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Author: Nathan Sherriff

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