Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

December 15, 2014

We love this time of year; there’s something about the winter sun streaming through a stained glass window that really shows the beauty of our craft.

As experts in stained glass and leaded lights we thought that we’d share with you our favourite stained glass art in the run-up to Christmas. Most of these ornaments can be placed on the Christmas tree or hooked to the window as sun-catchers, or be strung up in front of a line of candles for that extra festive feeling.

  1. The Nutcracker – With his mischievous smile and fabulous moustache this Nutcracker will definitely have a whale of a time by the window.
  1. Candy Cane with Holly Accessory - What would Christmas be without a candy cane and some holly? This artist has combined them both to create a leaded sun-catcher that promises to confuse and bewilder small children. An inedible candy cane you say? We’ll just see about that…
  1. Santa – Everybody loves a jolly Saint Nick and this one is no exception. This happy-go-lucky Santa is the perfect thing to greet you on your way out or in.
  1. Gnome Santa – Although this festive gnome can’t see anything, we can see that he’s definitely the winner in this list.
  1. Hat-Wearing Christmas Tree – This cute little Christmas tree has stolen our hearts and some soil space from a house plant. This stained glass ornament is different from the others as it can be ‘staked’ in some soil for both your amusement and others.
  1. Stained Glass Mosaic Block – This is a fantastic and unique way to incorporate coloured glass and a light box, however we think that this should stay firmly on the ground.
  1. Stained Glass Red Mittens – A great reminder to pop your gloves on before you leave the house.
  1. Stained Glass Planter – This is a brilliant alternative to a vase and really shows your Christmas spirit! Perhaps you can even float a couple of electronic tealights to really bring out the beauty of the stained glass.

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