Stained Glass Windows in the News: 2016

August 2, 2016
All Saints Church

Stained glass is a type of iconic art that continues to make headlines due to its understated beauty and classical appeal. Discover what’s been happening in the craft of stained glass so far in 2016:

All Saints Church in Tasmania undergoing stained glass restoration

A 19 century church in South Hobat, Tasmania is receiving a full stained glass restoration to preserve the beauty of three original stained glass windows.  The three windows were designed by William Wailes and Charles Clutterbuck Jnr and date back to the mid 1800’s.  The designers formed one of the most talented and famous stained glass firms at the time, which is reflected in the detail of their stained glass designs.

The stained glass windows were brought from England in 1864 via The Broadwater ship and depict scenes of kindness and good deeds. Since their placement 10 years ago, the winds from Mount Wellington have damaged them over time, leading to a much needed restoration.

Halim Museum

The Halim Museum of Time and Glass launches museum featuring stained glass

Scheduled to open early next year, the Museum of Time and Glass features an array of American stained glass windows from the 19 and 20 centuries. Many of the windows were found abandoned outdoors or removed from their original buildings – one was sold by a financially struggling church in Vermont for $85,000 to Mr. Hamlim that depicted St. John the Divine.

Stained glass window gifted to the Georgia Museum of Art

Georgia Museum

A stained glass window once owned by George Foster Peabody, an American banker and philanthropist, was donated to the Georgia Museum of Art. The window depicts St. George and the Dragon and was sealed in a crate, unseen for 15 years until it was unearthed and put on display at the museum. The window underwent stained glass restoration and sparked speculation, due to the strange cross on the flag.

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