Stained Glass Tips for Homeowners & House Builders

July 11, 2014
Sanderson Hotel, London

Stained glass windows can add a touch of style, value and wonder to any house or home. Whether an existing home undergoing renovations or a new build home being pieced together, there are several aspects for homeowners and house builders to consider when introducing a stained glass window.

The first step is to consider the position of your new stained glass or leaded window. You could be replacing or restoring an old existing window, or creating a new spot to brighten a room. We can provide stained glass windows for any part of the home – for whole door windows, wide conservatory windows, slim hallway windows or even compact bathroom windows. We’ve worked on a huge variety of projects; no task is too big or too small.

Whatever position you choose for the window, make sure you consider the angle and direction at which the light will enter. Each different angle and position could give your room an entirely new dynamic of light and colour. You can measure the window yourself and provide us with the measurements or get our team to size up the new window. Our work is tailored to your exact, bespoke specifications.

You can then think about the different styles & appearance that you would like within your home. As our team has been in the industry for decades, we can provide a comprehensive range of ideas & inspirations that may be ideal for your project.

You may want a traditional, classic style to merge with your home’s existing theme and style, or you may want to consider an entirely new, contemporary design unique to your home’s character. Ask our team for some inspiration, or alternatively provide us with your own custom design! You can also browse our blog for inspiration; take a look at modern stained glass window designs or explore the diversity and heritage of more traditional stained glass visuals.

Whatever your decisions on the placing, size and style of your desired window, get the ball rolling by getting in touch with the most experienced stained glass window company in Dorset. You can contact us via telephone on 01202 882208, via email at or via our online contact form. We’d be delighted to discuss your project!

Author: Nathan Sherriff

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