Stained Glass and Synagogues

October 14, 2015

When we think of stained glass, ancient cathedrals and medieval churches come to mind most easily, but that doesn’t mean that stained glass is restricted to Christianity.

In many places of worship across a vast range of religions, stained glass is used as a colourful medium of expression; of storytelling and of memory. It is this diversity of stained glass that has made itself so attractive to people from all walks of life.

Central Synagogue, London

Rabbi David Hillman, who was also a celebrated artist, leant his creative talents to a number of synagogues including St. Albans United Synagogue, the Synagogue in St. Johns Wood and Central Synagogue.

The stained glass windows in the Central Synagogue took 15 years to install in their entirety under the watchful eye of the Master Artist himself.

Copyright Central Synagogue, London

St Johns Wood Synagogue, London

Rabbi David Hillman also left his artistic mark on this synagogue with over 150 stained glass windows depicting instruments, religious themes and scenes from Jewish holidays. You can see a selection of 49 windows here.

“Veil of Stars” Museum at Eldridge Street, New York

In 2010 the Museum at Eldridge Street in New York was undergoing extensive renovations and employed the talents of artist Kiki Smith and architect Deborah Gans to replace and redesign the 16 foot stained glass window that sits over the altar. The design represents rupture and regeneration and incorporates the Star of David.


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