Students Fall in Love with Stained Glass

November 21, 2016

The art of making and restoring stained and leaded glass windows is considered a traditional trade, yet recent stained glass news stories from all over the world are surfacing of stained glass’ appeal to young people.

Stained glass courses at Bryanston School

Last winter, Steve Sheriff and his team set up a stained glass course at Bryanston School in Blandford with the help of Barry Cox, technical department coordinator. Using the glass kiln and materials from the Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists workshop, the students were taught fusing and other stained glass essentials. The students then visited the workshop to see their designs fired with some very interesting results. The school continues to provide stained glass courses with help from Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists and their expertise and materials.

Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists also had 8 students from the Steiner Waldorf school in Ringwood visit for a 6-week intense stained and leaded glass course.

$3 million, “history of knowledge” stained glass window

Home to some of the world’s most known figures, it’s only fitting that London features Tom Holdman’s $3 million stained glass masterpiece. The stained glass window, depicting the history of knowledge with references to iconic figures such as Charles Darwin and Nelson Mandela, is 200 ft. long and 10 ft. high and was created to celebrate the 75 anniversary of Utah Valley University.

Regarding his stained and leaded glass window masterpiece, Holdman, who like Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists offers bespoke stained glass courses, said ‘We want people to get hooked by it, to see something and think: Wow, what is that? and look it up’. He also hopes students will see it and develop an interest in leaded glass windows and stained glass courses, after seeing students and staff contribute countless hours of work to help make the glass for the masterpiece.


School restores youthful interest in stained glass

Pupils from Dagenham’s All Saints Catholic School in the UK have been getting creative by designing their own papier mache stained glass windows. The students, who designed the oversized windows as part of the school’s annual arts day, certainly did themselves proud with their designs whilst covering their corridors with “vibrant colour and wonderful memories”, according to headmaster Simone Fry.


With the Dagenham pupils giving their parents some design ideas for stained glass front doors and windows, hopefully both stories will drive an increase in the number of young people taking stained glass courses in the future.

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