The Benefits Of Stained Glass Window Restoration

March 9, 2021

Stained glass windows have a unique appearance and evident history. With many pieces dating back to several centuries ago, they continue to maintain their value in the modern-day world. Both homeowners and churchgoers still cherish the beauty of these works of art. Although stained glass is very durable, it will still age and deteriorate over time. From full stained glass window restoration to repairs and fixing cracks, there are many benefits of keeping it maintained.

Increases the original value

On average, restoring stained glass windows increases the original value to four times that of a brand new piece. This means that they are guaranteed to be worth more after stained glass restoration. So, even if buying a new stained glass window is cheaper upfront, it will take decades or more before its value comes even close to that of a restored antique piece. The longer you can maintain the stained glass, the more it enhances the original value.

Prolongs the durability to a lifetime

Restoring stained glass windows can maintain the condition for another 100 years. As a result, one complete stained glass restoration is likely to last a lifetime. In particular with the new techniques we have today, the skills have advanced to prolong the durability of stained glass even more.

Restores beauty to timeless pieces

Stained glass window restoration helps recover the beauty of a timeless piece. Whether it’s a family descendant or marked a moment in history, each stained glass has a story behind it to tell. Often, stained glass windows are passed down from one generation to another. In these cases, many people have an antique piece sitting in their garage waiting to receive some TLC. All it takes is a stained glass specialist to undertake the work and restore its original charm. This highlights the importance of restoring stained glass even more, as a family heirloom or historic legacy.

Improves energy efficiency

When using stained glass restoration services, you can choose what you specifically want restoring. This could be the faded colour of the glass, cracks, leaded window repair, and so on. A popular choice when restoring stained glass is to opt for secondary glazing. Secondary glazing helps improve energy efficiency by providing better thermal insulation. It is essentially an extra upgrade to your original stained glass window.

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