The Diversity of Stained and Coloured Glass

November 20, 2013

The simple beauty of stained glass has meant its application into art and design has been diverse. Stained glass has been used to brighten rooms, convey messages, capture landscapes and even tell stories, and it’s easy to see why. Here are just a few design examples that feature the allure of stained glass.

Christian Depictions

Since the 7 Century, stained glass windows have been depicting Christian scenes across Britain as a means of honouring the bible’s word. From small side windows featuring prominent figures of the bible, to entire scenes featuring multiple figures interacting with one another, the popularity of stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals is still evident.


Featuring heavily during the Edwardian period, floral patterns have been used as stained glass designs due to their allowance for a range of different colours and shapes. As a sign of natural beauty, flowers will continue to be a choice for stained and coloured glass patterns. This particular design acts as a subtle yet charming screen between an office and living space.


Combining simple design with a spectrum of colours and shading, mosaic patterns create a visual display that can be used just about anywhere. The variation in cut shapes means the style can be diversely used to suit modern and traditionally themed homes and buildings.


Coloured glass designs also make great complimentary features without being too bold or over-complicated. Symmetrical stained glass windows still retain their intricacies though, and subsequently maintain that fine artistic character. This particular example of a symmetrical design combines both clear and coloured glass – a popular choice of the 1930s.


Landscapes portrayed through stained glass designs offer a snapshot of a stilled beauty. From the in-depth and elaborate landscape images suited to a traditional property, or the simpler, lesser-layered landscapes of more contemporary designs, landscape stills provide windows or walls with an instance of character and escapism.

Coat of Arms

Historically used to convey wealth and fortune, coats of arms have also been stylised using stained or coloured glass. Glass allows for text to be featured too, with family names, mottos or significant dates being etched onto the glass. This particular example is the historical emblem of a school in Dorset.

Modern Images

Stained glass is still a choice for many modern homes looking to inject a little character into the environment. Contemporary glass designs can be identified by the thick black outlines that emphasise the vibrancy of the inner colours. The below example is now featured in a brand new church to combine a traditionalist theme with a modern style. 

If any of these designs have caught your eye, or if you would like to discuss a project, call the stained glass and leaded window experts Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists on 01202 882208, or contact the team online.


Author: Nathan Sherriff

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