The UK's Most Historic & Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

November 7, 2016

You could be forgiven for only associating stained glass windows with churches. But the beauty of stained glass front doors and windows in period buildings dating back to Georgian times is certainly too prominent to ignore.

Here’s a list of what we think are the UK’s most beautiful period buildings with stained glass windows.

  1. Strawberry Hill House

If the delightful name of this Georgian Gothic building isn’t enough to make you visit, then the stained glass windows in its famous Round Room surely will be. Displaying various coats of arms from the 19 Century, the stained glass windows in Strawberry Hill House were constructed in 1821 and commissioned by owner Lady Waldegrave.

  1. Royal Star and Garter building 

Located in Richmond, London, this Neo-Classical listed building boasts beautiful large-scale stained glass windows depicting several connections to royalty and the military, with one showcasing the Queen Mary fighting for the needs of disabled service men. At nearly 100 years old, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists stained glass specialists recently carried out an extensive stained glass window restoration, restoring them to the rich red and green colours seen in the photograph.


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  1. Montacute House

Built in Elizabethan times by Sir Edward Phelips, this Somerset mansion is host to a range of stunning stained glass windows. The stained glass seen in the image of the Great Chamber below depicts the arms of all the families connected to the Phelips family by marriage and is certainly brought to life by the green, garden backdrop.


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