Circular Stained Glass Window Repair in Accoya Window Frame

May 25, 2022
Circular Stained Glass Window Repair in Accoya Window Frame

The Brief

This job involved our team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists performing a number of stained glass window repairs. The stained glass window panels needed re-leading and completely new wooden window frames.

Getting To Work

The first step of this project was removing the stained glass window from the old rotten wooden frames so we could take them back to our workshop. Once we were back in the studio, we were able to begin the stained glass window repair. The most important part of restoring stained glass is re-leading. Re-leading the panel improves the structural integrity of the glass. Lead lasts for around 100 years before it starts to break down and at this point we need to replace the lead work. We replace any broken or cracked pieces of glass and build the window back together again.

Once complete we then inserted the stained glass window into a double glazed unit. Triple glazing a stained glass window improves the energy efficiency of a building while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the stained glass.

Before refitting the restored glass panels, we had to replace the rotten wooden window frames. We used a wood called Accoya to create new circular window frames. Accoya is a fast grown wood pickled in preservatives to improve its life span which in normal conditions will last up to 60 years.

The Result

Our client was very impressed with the finished result. The re-leading meant the designs in the stained glass windows looked much neater than before. The stained glass window repair we performed also involved adding triple glazing, which improved the insulation of the building. The white Accoya wooden window frames created a nice contrast against the colourful stained glass windows.

For more information about restoring stained glass or leaded windows, speak to one of the team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. We have 30 years of experience with stained glass window repairs and restoration. To get in touch with us, give us a call on 01202 882208 or send us an email via  

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