Curved Double Glazed Windows – Putney, London

August 30, 2019
Curved Double Glazed Windows – Putney, London

The Brief

Our team of leaded window and stained glass specialists were recently tasked with installing curved double glazing for a property in Putney, London. Due to the beautiful large curved design of this ground floor window bay, 14 curved double glazed units were required to give it the makeover it so deserved.

Getting to Work

Once we had taken a look at the property, our team couldn’t wait to get started on this exciting project. We started by taking templates of each curved double glazed window, ensuring we had the exact measurements. Back at our workshop in Wimborne, we used these to produce brand new curved units that would last for years to come. To maintain the character of the property, we emulated this property’s original leaded top fan lights by cleaning and re-leading them for a fresh new look.

After the bulk of the work had been completed, we then refitted each double glazed panel and the improved top fan lights.

The Result

Once the panels had been fitted, this period home in Putney, London was left with high quality, durable curved double glazed windows that would significantly improve insulation. The curved design is a stunning feature piece that adds so much charm to the property.

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