Equans HM Treasury Stained Glass Restoration

May 11, 2023
Equans HM Treasury Stained Glass Restoration

The Brief

As leading experts in metal window restoration,the team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists were recently contracted by Equans Facility Management for an exciting assignment. The project entailed a meticulous refurbishment of the iconic stained glass windows that grace the HMRC and HM Treasury building on Parliament square. More specifically, we were to work on sixteen domed stained-glass window panels that adorn the roof of the main entrance.

This task was not just about restoring stained glass but also about preserving a piece of history in one of the most prominent buildings in London. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to begin!

Getting To Work

Embarking on this challenging project required a strategic approach, especially due to the limited working conditions imposed by the building’s high-security requirements. The team set about removing all the stained-glass panels over the course of four weekends before transporting them back to our Dorset-based workshop.

Once each panel was safely in our hands, we set about re-leading and repairing. The domed nature of the glass provided a unique challenge, but one our stained-glass window restoration experts were more than equal to. This stage of restoring the stained glass was just as much about reviving the artistry that had dimmed over time as it was the repairs themselves, and our team were able to utilise their many years of experience to achieve the desired finish.

The Result

The culmination of our labour was a phased reinstallation over six weekends, strategically planned to minimise disruption to the building’s critical operations. The stained-glass windows, once more vivid with colour and craftsmanship, now stand as a proud testament to our metal window restoration services.

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