Jamie Oliver Stained Glass Commission

November 5, 2023
Jamie Oliver Stained Glass Commission

The Brief

The team here at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists recently received an exciting commission for Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant on Catherine Street, London. Commissioned by Tekne’s team of specialist fit-out contractors, we were asked to produce three custom stained-glass screens to go within the restaurant’s interior.

Our primary aim was to create a unique blend of traditional and contemporary design elements. We wanted to emphasise the dining experience and overall ambience through the aesthetic appeal of leaded stained-glass windows. This would need a seamless integration between the stained-glass panels and the restaurant’s overall design, requiring a meticulous selection process for the glass colour, texture, and leading.

Getting To Work

The project began with an in-depth consultation phase. This involved working closely with Tekne to finalise the details for the custom stained-glass panels, ensuring that each element would complement the establishment’s design ethos.

In the end we chose a variety of green, yellow, and clear panels of varying textures and translucency. We were confident these would harmonise perfectly and matched them with a suitable choice of lead cames to conclude the look. Following the selection process, it was a simple task of cutting and manufacturing each stained-glass panel. You can learn more about the process we use for crafting new stained-glass windows here.

The Result

Once the stained-glass panels were complete, they were delivered to Tekne and set within a series of wooden arches. There, the custom stained glass really transformed the restaurant interior, casting an array of intricate light patterns throughout. We were delighted with how the project came together and even more so that we could demonstrate the versatility and beauty of leaded stained-glass windows in contemporary design.

If you’d like to learn more implementing custom stained-glass windows or panels in your own space, please get in touch. We have years of experience in the industry and specialise in both creating new designs and restoring classic windows. Get in touch by calling 0120282208 or by sending an email to info@lead-windows-co.uk.

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