The Hunting Lodge, Hampshire

May 8, 2023
The Hunting Lodge, Hampshire

We were recently commissioned to undertake the intricate restoration of the original leaded glass and metal window frames of this beautiful, Grade II listed hunting lodge in Hampshire. The project was just one part of a major renovation of the property, aiming to preserve both its historical integrity and quintessential aesthetic. Our task specifically focused on enhancing the durability and appearance of the leaded glass and metal window frames,ensuring they continue to reflect the lodge’s rich heritage for many, many years to come.

Getting to Work

The leaded window repair began with the careful removal of all the frames and glass, which were then transported to our specialised workshop in Dorset. Here,the leaded glass under went a meticulous re-leading process to restore its structural integrity and appearance, ensuring a further 100 years of life.

The metal window frames were simultaneously subject to a comprehensive refurbishment. This involved shot blasting the frames to remove any deterioration and return them back to a sound metal. Next, a zinc-rich primer was applied to protect the metal from corrosion, topped with a satin black finish that not only enhanced their resilience but also their visual appeal – an essential step in metal window refurbishment.

The Result

Once the repairs were finished, the windows were expertly reinstalled by our team, ready to withstand the elements and continue telling the story of this historic property. The final result was a seamless blend of past and present, with the newly restored leaded glass and metal window frames standing proudly against the backdrop of the renovated hunting lodge.

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