Refurbished Metal Frames

January 8, 2023
Refurbished Metal Frames

Seventeen original metal frames removed for refurbishment and the fitting of twenty of our bespoke handmade conservation grade double glazed units.

Original metal casements often suffer poor closing leading to draughty and leaking windows, this is often a result of years of over painting. We specialise in removing your existing metal frames, shot blasting the years of over painting and corrosion away, if any handles or hinges need repairing we carry this out prior to applying a Zinc Rich primer and any RAL satin top coat heat baked using a kiln. This leaves a hard and durable finish to your original metal frames.

While working on the metal frames we find this is a great opportunity to uplift the original glazing to our Historic England approved conservation grade double glazed units. Designed and built in-house to mimic a traditional leaded light as closely as possible we have fitted our double glazed units to Grade I and Grade II listed propertys.

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