Rose Stained Glass Windows & Double Glazing - Lacey Drive, Wimborne

April 27, 2018
Rose Stained Glass Windows & Double Glazing - Lacey Drive, Wimborne

The Brief

We were asked to design and build a rose stained glass window for a house on Lacey Drive in Wimborne. To ensure its longevity, we encapsulated it within a double-glazed unit.

Getting to Work

Each piece of glass is hand cut and soldered into place. Red glass is the most expensive glass you can buy as it uses the gold mineral to achieve the bright reds you see in the stained glass.

We applied double glazing by encapsulating it within a double-glazed unit, guaranteeing its longevity for 100 years.

The Result

The red of the stained glass window looks so radiant, and it makes a real feature of the window. It’s perfect for placement by an entrance to their home.

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