King Edward VI School Stained Glass Commission

November 5, 2023
King Edward VI School Stained Glass Commission

The Brief

As stained-glass specialists,we were recently contacted by King Edward VI School in Southampton with an idea for their newly built multifaith chapel. Their vision involved a new set of custom stained-glass windows featuring different coats of arms from the school’s rich history.

Originally founded in 1553 at the request of William Capon – whose name you’ll see featured on one of the stained-glass windows– King Edward VI School remains one of the oldest establishments for education in the UK today. We were delighted to accept the challenge of reimagining this deep heritage and incorporating it into the chapel’s design.

Getting To Work

Our team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists wasted no time in getting to work. First, we worked with staff at King Edwards School to choose existing motifs that matched with their vision for their bespoke stained-glass windows. These were then translated into a digital format from which the designs could be printed directly onto glass.

With the initial stage out of the way, we then set about leading each pane of glass to make the overall window. This process involved encompassing the edges of each pane with lead cames. Next, both stained-glass windows needed to be framed for installation within the newly built chapel. Using Ash, we produced large wooden frames that were hinged for servicing and cleaning of the windows.

Once everything was in place, it was a simple case of a quick tidy up and stepping back to admire the work.

The Result

We’re proud of the historic designs we were able to produce for King Edward VI School, evoking the school’s rich heritage while incorporating modern features to ensure their longevity and use. They’ll certainly enhance the chapel’s unique appearance without losing sight of this blend of old and new.

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