Swiss Chapel Stained Glass Commission

November 5, 2023
Swiss Chapel Stained Glass Commission

The Brief

As leading specialists in creating bespoke stained-glass windows, we recently had an exciting commission come in all the way from Switzerland. The brief: design and produce a set of custom stained-glass panels for the newly made doors to a castle’s chapel. As one of the more interesting locations we’ve been asked to visit, we couldn’t wait to get started!

Getting To Work

The project began with the meticulous process of finalising a custom stained-glass design that would complement the chapel’s aesthetic and historical significance. After extensive deliberation, a design was chosen that perfectly blended traditional artistry with the chapel’s elegance.

This design was then translated into a new set of stained-glass window panels, the choice of which would be critical to the project’s success. We chose Lamberts Glass for its exceptional quality and vibrant colours, ensuring that the panels would not only be visually stunning but also ensure the test of time.

Artistic Process

The creation of the stained-glass window panels was an intricate and labour-intensive process. This involved multiple stages of painting, each requiring a careful hand an eye for detail. The glass was then subjected to repeated kiln firing, a process used for ensuring the durability of the colours.

Following the kiln work, each piece of glass was leaded together to form the complete stained glass window design. The final step was the application of cement, sealing the lead and fortifying the panel structure.

Installation In Switzerland

Upon completion of the bespoke stained-glass windows, the team embarked on their journey to Switzerland. The installation phase was just as important as the creation process, and the newly made metal doors of the chapel were suitably prepared to house the stained-glass window panels.This stage demanded a whole new level of precision as the integration of the glass into the metal doors balanced strength and delicacy. The installation was successfully executed, ensuring that each panel was securely in place and displayed in its full glory.

The Result

The completed project was a testament to the craftmanship of all our team here at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. The stained-glass window panels transformed the chapel doors into a breathtaking spectacle of light and colour, adding an ethereal quality to the sacred space. We’re confident that future visitors to the chapel will be captivated by the interplay of light filtering through the vibrant hues of the panels.

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