Triple glazing follows the same principle as double glazing but with an extra layer for warmth and protection.

To achieve triple glazing with stained and leaded glass, a stained glass panel is encapsulated inside a double glazed unit. The existing stained and leaded glass is removed from the existing window frame of your house, the old edge lead of the panel is removed and the panel is then re-sized. At the same time any cracked or broken pieces of glass are removed, replaced or repaired. After these preliminary steps are completed, a new specially profiled edge lead can be added.

Before encapsulating the window panel inside a double glazed unit, the stained glass is cleaned and the leads are polished. By encasing the stained glass window panel between two layers of toughened glass, a formidable barrier of triple glazing is created. This also helps the window panel retain heat effectively and efficiently while also resisting condensation. We use a thermally efficient glass as the inner leaf to further increase the amenity and heat retention properties of your home.

All of the double glazed units that are used to encapsulate our stained glass window panels conform and comply with the UK Building Regulations (Part L).

Triple glazing via encapsulation is not only the perfect option for increasing the energy efficiency and security of your stained glass windows, it also adds value and character to your home.

This triple glazing window glass option does not just apply to existing stained glass windows. At Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists we can create a stained glass window design of your choice so that you can take advantage of ‘real’ stained and leaded glass without compromising on the integrity of your home. The age of your house need not be a barrier!