There are a range of methods for protecting lead windows, with most lead window protection being required for historic and church glass.

Stainless Steel Weldmesh Window Guards

At Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists we provide bespoke stainless steel weldmesh sized 3” x ½” on a stainless steel framework. The framework is normally powder coated black for a clean, even look however any RAL colour that is specified can be produced.

In order to leave the stonework as visible as possible, we aim to fit these weldmeshes within the traceries (the stonework surrounding the window.) We use stainless steel clips and screws into plastic plugs for minimal disturbance or damage.

This window guard is also hinged so that it can be easily swung away for window cleaning or repairs.

church-window-guardsUV Stabilised Polycarbonate Window Guards

UV-stabilised Polycarbonate protection can be fitted exactly like stainless steel weldmesh but is viewed as unsightly. Nearly unbreakable and heat resistant, this window guard must always be fitted with an air gap which cannot be seen from the inside.

Laminated or Toughened Glass Window Guards

Laminated glass can provide safety and security in certain situations and we have successfully used this form of protection on listed buildings.

Isothermal Glazing Window Guards


Isothermal glazing provides a superlative form of window guard protection, however this does reflect in the cost.

The original window is removed and replaced by an ‘echo’ window made of clear glass and following the major lead lines of the original. The original stained and leaded glass is then placed in a framework and secured inside this new window where a gap is left for ventilation. Please note that in order for the ‘echo’ glass to truly echo the original, sight lines need to be considered.