As a family-run business with over 25 years’ experience, stained glass specialist Steve Sheriff is one of the leading stained glass door companies in  the UK. Whether you require Victorian stained glass doors, inspiration for stained glass door patterns or stained glass for a front door window, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists offers a wide range of stained glass door panels to suit any property.

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Whilst offering a beautiful aesthetic to a home, all of our stained glass door panels have the option of double glazing. This makes the stained glass door even stronger and perfect for those looking to increase their home’s warmth. Our stained glass doors also come with a variety of aesthetic options, including the glass type, texture and colour, and the type of lead came used. With all of our stained glass for front door windows hand-crafted using traditional techniques, you can be sure that your stained glass door pattern is made bespoke to your requirements.

The benefits of choosing Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists for your stained glass doors:

  • Our range of glass types and colours, as seen in our gallery, are perfect for Victorian, Edwardian and 1930’s stained glass door
  • Increased stained glass door panel strength from double glazing.
  • High quality, traditional techniques used.
  • Fixed price and free quote for your stained glass front door.
  • 25 years’ experience as one of Dorset’s leading stained glass door companies.

With over 25 years’ worth of experience as a stained glass specialist, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists is the perfect choice for your stained glass doors. For more information, get in touch with Steve and the team today by calling 01202 882208 or sending an email to