Window Frames

Every window sits in a frame of some description and at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists we can remove or fit windows to any sort of frame or sub-frame whether they’re made from stone, metal, wood or uPVC.

Wooden Window Frames

Mullions are the vertical element that forms the division between windows. They can be used decoratively or to provide structural support. Its horizontal counterpart is called a transom. Transoms and mullions are susceptible to rot where they join at the sill. These can often be repaired without the need to purchase or create an entirely new wooden window frame.

Stone Window Frames

Sometimes you may find that the stone rebates of windows have been pointed with a Portland cement-based mortar. This can cause problems for the stonework surrounding the window as water can become trapped behind the mortar and make the stone rot and become friable (crumbly).

External steel strengthening bars and metal window frames also have their ends secured into the stonework and as they rust they can expand in their holes and cause the stone to split apart from the pressure of expansion. If conservation of the window is required the bars are removed from the stonework for refurbishment where we will either weld new stainless steel tips or dip the ends in lead to provide a protective barrier between the bar and the stone. As an alternative we can supply new lead-covered steel, stainless steel or phosphor bronze.

For pointing refurbishment we use a lime/aggregate mix where we source an aggregate colour to accurately match the stonework.

Metal Window Frames

At Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists we specialise in refurbishing the metalwork connected with windows. Often the original metal frame can be restored and thus save the expense of getting a new frame custom-made. We use metal-coating paints that are specially designed to provide long-term protection from rust and weathering.

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